The Houston Jetski Riders (HJR) was founded in 2012.  Based out of Kingwood, Texas.  

The rides are in many places and led by a group of experienced riders who know the waters in and around Houston, as well as San Antonio, Austin and Louisiana.  We also plan several eventful rides such as Galveston, TX to Lake Charles, LA.  We are also doing a major ride from Florida to Abaco, Bahamas.   Weekend trips are also planned.

Every Year, HJR does a sponsored ride in October for Breast Cancer Awareness.  This year will be a poker run with many Jetski's and sponsors.  Our sponsors provide many free promotional items that are given away at the Year End Party.  We also have lots of awards. 

We take pride in making sure our members are safe and they continue to have a great experience with HJR.  To continue our passion for the safety of our members both on and off the water, HJR conducts criminal background checks.  Because children are welcome to ride with our club, we also run a search on the national sex offender list for incoming members. 


HJR has a perfect safety record and very successful protecting the privacy of our members, as well as screening any new members. We will continue to do that in the coming years. 

Our Sponsors Love us and they want us to keep doing what we do! 

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​​Houston Jetski Riders

105 Members and Counting!


Houston Jetski Riders - What We Are About